Ground Mounted Solar System


Ground mount solar panels are a solar solution that can be easily implemented in a large yard or field. The panels are similar to pole-mounted solar panels, but instead of being elevated on poles, they are installed directly on the ground.
Poles support the ground-mounted panels, which are positioned for maximum sun absorption and have tracking options which will allow the panels to move with the sun. The poles can be varied lengths from a few inches to many feet so that you can mount them at different heights depending on the topography of the land.




Agricultural operations of all kinds can reap the benefits from ground-mounted solar panel systems because these operations typically have large amounts of free space to install them on.

Farms, ranches and all kinds of commercial ventures involving agriculture need steady power. A ground-mounted solar panel array can provide a clean, reliable source of power anywhere there is sunlight and ground to host it.

Farmers often disregard the idea of roof-mounted solar power because they have skylights that provide natural light and heat and they don’t want to block them. Others have pole sheds and barns with roofs and framing that will not adequately support solar panels. However, they have more than enough space on the ground for them.


Commercial / Industrial

Many companies with open lots or land choose ground mount solar panels as a way to provide green energy for their business. You will find ground mount installations at factories, warehouses, schools, and other commercial organizations.

Efficiency benefits business, especially when it concerns power generation and environmental stewardship. Quality, well-installed, ground-mounted solar panels create smart operations that translate to dollars in the bank. Panels not only generate energy and save on electric bills, but they may also qualify a business for green-energy incentives such as tax credits and rebates.

A majority of companies already use their roof for other purposes, so ground mount fits well when there is no roof space. It can also provide a useful function for undeveloped or unused lots, open land, and old parking lots.



Some businesses are so eager to start installing solar solutions that they don’t differentiate quality products and installation. Solar energy panels have various energy-output capabilities, and the quality of both the panels used and the installation itself can affect the value to your business.

Empire features  energy solutions, which has a 40-year lifespan and a 25-year warranty. They offer the industry’s top operating efficiency, with up to 20 percent more energy production than competing products.

The rule of quality applies not only to the panels themselves but the installation of them. The difference between a well-done and a mediocre solar panel installation can be planning to receive a profit within an expected time frame and instead needing to circle back later and invest more money in maintenance and repairs. It’s essential to partner with trained, experienced experts you can trust.